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Calypso is a very popular genre of music which was originated from the Caribbean islands in the West Indies. It is some elements of Afro music since it was introduced by the African slaves during the early ninetieth century when the slavery system was prevalent in the Southern states of American continent. But slowly and gradually after the abolition of slavery it became worldwide popular especially in the European countries and then in the Indian subcontinent. The music lovers all over the globe welcomed it whole heartedly. They really showed their keen interest in learning it. Kolkata being the music hub of India did not leave this opportunity and it today it is being played at the parties and musical concerts.

Musical instruments associated with calypso

There is a unique style of playing calypso which is very distinguished from other popular forms of music. It is the combination or blend of a number of various musical instruments such as Trumpet, trombone, flute, clarinet, saxophone, Spanish guitar, bass guitar, conga, bongos, steelpan, violin, bamboo sticks, glass bottle/spoon, claves, maracas, cuatro, concertina and jawbone. It has been a major source of entertainment for the guests and the invitees especially at the wedding cocktail hour. This would also help eradicating the boredom which is felt at this particular time. Usually the cocktail hour is a tradition of the Christian wedding. It is the time when the marriage ceremony concludes and the wedding reception begins.

Calypso Music and Wedding Cocktail

The cocktail hour usually lasts for from forty five minutes to near about a couple of hours depending on the situation. You will certainly hear some kind of entertaining and pleasant music at this time which enhances the mood. So people make arrangements for live entertainment as we have Sangeet ceremony in the Hindu wedding traditions. It provides a smooth flow to the marriage. In fact, most of the guests like the sound of the steel drums. It seems relaxing to the minds and pleasing to the ears. It makes the whole atmosphere lively. The steel drums are also useful in making announcement for the reception party and the dinner. It indicates the guests to enter into the banquet area to dine altogether.

Calypso Music and Cricket

Cricket is one of the most popular games worldwide but you would be surprised to know that it has a strong association with the Calypso music. When the foreign cricket playing teams tour West Indies to play at the Caribbean pitches they are mostly entertained through the Calypso. If you get a chance to observe a live match on any West Indies cricket stadium, you would see a King of Calypso playing on the instruments.

Learning Calypso

Since the popularity of Calypso has increased to such a great extent, the youngsters are fond of learning it. There are many music schools which teach this genre of music and you can learn it from the professionals. Calypso music is also being used in the films. You need to learn it with intense dedication in order to master the art.