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Ways for Indian Musicians to Reach

Be on cloud nine with SoundCloud

SoundCloud is one of the leading communities of artists, bands and podcasters. Herein the artists can post their audio, share it on different social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, so on and so forth. Furthermore, the musicians can join different groups, take part in the conversational threads and later can make a group of their own with lots of followers.

Isn’t it quite easy? Keep reading, there are other simpler ways too.

Celebrate Music with Songdew

Be it an already well-established band or a budding singing sensation, Songdew welcomes all with both the arms wide open. Songdew is a social network meant specifically for genuine music lovers and contributors. The site features different types of bands and artists that genuinely create magic with music. Right from the background, to the albums, to the latest gigs, everything can be easily found on this web portal. So, all the musical magicians are more than welcome to click the site, break the ice and join.

The sole motive of this website is to cut the stereotype and enhance the reach of the original compositions.

Let YouTube talk

Have you heard about the term ‘YouTube Viral’? Have you heard of the term ‘Kolavari Di’? If your head nodded in a yes for both of the questions, you actually are aware of the impact of YouTube. Within a few minutes a video can go viral, if marketed properly, as this platform actually generates stars. Thus, almost all the bands and artists today have a YouTube Channel, on which they post the video and allows the fans to know them and to connect with them.

Create a Facebook presence – Well you know the rest

If you just unfold the pages of Facebook’s fact file, you will come to know that it is one of the most visited platforms. In fact, in U.S. it became so popular that it even outperformed Google. Considering this influence of Facebook (FB), musicians are now connecting with their followers via the same platform. All you need is a FB page, regular and interactive posts, and thus, you will not only be connecting with the existing fans, but will also earn some new.

Tweet with Twitter

Tweet a song, let the people talk about it, let them play it, let them share it. Twitter is also one of the most famous social networking portals, which forms a community of likeminded people. Be it an international singing star or a budding band, a twitter handle works for both. When a song tweeted by a band is retweeted by some other people, it means that the connection is getting stronger. Creating a Twitter account is a matter of few minutes; thus, just do it right away.